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Nature’s Great Migrations

Saturdays at 8.30pm

Nature’s Great MigrationsNature’s Great Migrations

This series follows three iconic animals – caribou, zebra and elephants – on three of the world’s most breathtaking migrations. Each episode focuses on one race, uncovering the true driving forces that compel these animals to risk their lives.

The latest satellite-tagging technology follows the precise journeys of individual animals as they travel hundreds of miles across either the Arctic wilderness or the African bush, allowing us to witness their daily life-and-death decisions first hand.

Nature's Great Migrations also reveals some remarkable new discoveries – from a previously unknown zebra migration to an emerging elephant society of ‘orphan herds’ learning critical life skills all on their own.

For the first time, this series offers a complete picture of animal migration – the successes, the failures, and the near misses. It is a unique opportunity to be part of the journey.