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Our pets are much-loved members of our families, and we spend billions of dollars every year to keep them healthy and happy. But are we getting the best, scientifically-proven advice? Trust Me, I’m a Vet uses ground-breaking science and access to world-leading experts to answer our burning questions about pet health.

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Get expert advice and discover the science behind keeping pets healthy and happy

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The team run a brand-new study to find the best way to help your pet lose weight, investigate the nutritional pros and cons of wet and dry pet foods, and reveal new techniques to create a calm environment for stressed-out cats.

They also put popular flea-busting methods to the test, uncover the latest research on whether raw food is good for your pet, and reveal why, if you keep a rabbit, it’s time to ditch the hutch.

Whether we’re caring for cats and dogs or looking after fish, birds, reptiles, rabbits or guinea pigs, it can be difficult to get the right information.

This series cuts through the myths and misconceptions to find the best scientific evidence, revealing what’s really good for your pet’s health.

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