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In the first series of Tribes, Animals & Me, wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan walked among wild lions and hunted giant anacondas. This time he’s facing his deepest fears, meeting extreme tribes who teach him how to get even closer to the world’s most dangerous animals.

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Tribes, Animals and Me

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Meet the shark people of the Solomon Islands, who hunt underwater alongside the ocean’s most terrifying predators. Discover how the Ethiopian Bodi tribe – who have never been filmed before – face the daily challenge of protecting themselves and their livestock from ferocious pack-hunting hyenas.

Travel to Mongolia’s snow-capped mountains to find out how a tribe of hunters have spent 4,000 years developing a unique and powerful bond with golden eagles, taking care of them and training them to hunt for food before eventually releasing them back into the wild.

These inspiring tribes and emotional stories reveal remarkable relationships between humans and nature’s most dangerous creatures that are based on respect, bravery and an understanding of wildlife never seen before.

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