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The world's biggest motoring show is back! The all-new six-part series sees Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc joined by Sabine Schmitz, Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan and Rory Reid. Their mission? To test the world's finest cars to the limit... and beyond.

Matt LeBlanc and the Ariel Nomad

Matt LeBlanc and the Ariel Nomad

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About Top Gear

Series 23 sees the Top Gear team ferrying superstar musicians to the top of Africa in 4x4s, journeying across Britain in roofless three-wheelers, and battling off-road baddies in a car made of scaffolding.

It also features tests of the latest, greatest supercars from Ferrari, Aston, McLaren and more. And of course, the return of Top Gear's enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a race suit: The Stig.

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