The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies S5

Starts Thursday July 19

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Right now there are dogs that need our help and there are heroes who are dedicated to saving them; transforming their lives, finding them forever homes and giving our four-legged best friends a second chance… they are THE DOG RESCUERS.

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The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies S5

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From using good old fashioned leg work to the latest in forensic technology, we follow the RSPCA inspectors chasing the criminals, knocking down doors and raiding people’s homes, all in the name of saving dogs’ lives. But it’s not just abuse cases that we follow; the RSPCA gets thousands of calls each year that require them to rescue dogs that have got themselves into difficulty, be it stranded in a river or stuck up a tree.

Once the Inspectors have rescued the animals, we’re on board as they are taken into care and we follow their stories of recuperation and rehabilitation at the animal hospitals through to hopefully being rehomed into new forever loving families where necessary.

We also follow the RSPCA’s Prosecution Department as they convict the perpetrators of the crimes and we have full access to the RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit who get involved in cases of extreme animal cruelty.

Shot throughout England and Wales, THE DOG RESCUERS investigates everything from cruelty in rural communities with working dogs and large scale puppy farms to pet dogs that are stolen to sell on the black market and abandoned dogs that are left to starve to death.

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