Spy in the Snow

Saturday November 23

Show Synopsis

From penguins and parrots to polar bears and otters, for some animals the snow is the ultimate playground. Despite sub-zero temperatures these creatures choose snowy conditions to find a mate, make a home and raise a family.

This one-off special sees a selection of Spy Creatures, and some ingeniously disguised Spy Cameras, get right to the heart of the action. Watch rowdy parrots tearing up the ski slopes of New Zealand, Adélie penguins quarrelling at the South Pole and a baby sea otter learning to swim amid the snow and ice of an Alaskan winter.

Packed full of funny and heart-warming moments, Spy in the Snow brings together the magical stories of many of the hardiest creatures on Earth.


Visit nature's magical winter wonderlands and find out how animals thrive in cold, snowy environments.

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