Polar Bear Family and Me

Saturdays at 8.30pm

Show Synopsis

In this series, wildlife cameraman, Gordon Buchanan follows a wild polar bear family over three seasons, something no one has done before. Gordon, and arctic survival experts travel by boat to far flung Svalbard. They manage to find a polar bear birth den and meet mother 'Lyra' and her cubs 'Miki' and 'Luca' as they emerge from their den. Little is still known about polar bears family life because no one has been able to follow them this closely before. Gordon helps scientists fit Lyra with a tracking collar and takes on the mission of living with this remarkable bear family . To help him observe the polar bears Gordon tests a 'bear proof' filming hide - the 'Ice Cube' and gets closer to polar bears than anyone has ever done before.

Polar Bear Family and Me

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