Patrick Aryee's Big Beasts

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In this series, biologist Patrick Aryee tracks down the biggest animals on Earth to reveal why in the natural world – size really matters.

Travelling to Asia, the Americas and Africa, he gets eye to eye with Sperm whales, grizzlies and feasting Komodo dragons to explore why some creatures evolved into GIANTS – and how these big beasts play a crucial role in their habitats.

Stepping back in time, Patrick also uncovers the colossal prehistoric ancestors of today’s giants – and learns how their great size was often their downfall. Combining animated graphics, stunning natural history footage – and nail-bitingly close encounters – this series explores the challenges facing our megafauna today.

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Patrick Aryee's Big Beasts

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Who is Patrick Aryee?

As a biologist and self-confessed thrill seeker, Patrick has always had a fascination with ‘how things work’. His guiding force is to allow his audience to travel the globe from the comfort of their homes and live vicariously through his daringly close animal encounters. His latest series executes/demonstrates to perfection/perfectly. ‘Big Beasts: Last of the Giants’, sees Patrick check out the biggest animals on Earth and discovers why size really matters in nature. His journey takes him to Asia where he comes face-to face with the Komodo dragon, right across to the Americas, where he free dives with a gigantic sperm whale weighing in at 15-tonnes. He ultimately explores why these creatures evolved into giants, and how crucial they are to their habitats today.

Patrick’s career in wildlife filmmaking began shortly after graduating with a degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology at the University of Bristol. He worked behind the scenes on the BBC productions Madagascar, Attenborough: 60 years in the Wild and Frozen Planet. Hugely enjoying the creativity of television Patrick was delighted to be asked to present BBC Earth’s online natural history strand Zoo-La-La, a weekly show about weird and wonderful animal facts that helped launch the BBC Earth YouTube platform, Earth Unplugged.

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