Humpback Whales: A Detective Story

Tuesday December 3

Show Synopsis

Monterey Bay is home to the greatest concentration of humpback whales in the world. It also welcomes scuba divers, kayakers, whaling experts and tourists alike, some of whom have experienced incredible close encounters when these huge animals breach next to them.

Like the tourist kayaking in the bay when a humpback went crashing onto him, the scuba diver almost swallowed by a whale feeding on fish, and the man who believes the whale he freed from fishing nets breached out of sure joy and thanks.

This film meets whale experts who explain why they think whale’s breach. Does a whale see us as friend or foe? Would a whale attack us? Or are they complex creatures, capable of thought? And are they more human-like than we ever imagined?

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Humpback Whales: A Detective Story

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