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It’s 1956 and change truly is in the Grantchester air!

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The post-war rulebook is being torn up – it’s the birth of the teenager, the era of Elvis. Teddy Boys are on the streets of Cambridge. Even science fiction’s becoming reality with a new ‘computer’ up and running at the university. There’s change at the vicarage too. Reverend Sidney Chambers is feeling adrift, a man without a cause ever since his sweetheart Amanda left over a year ago. Now his life revolves around church services, interminable meetings of the Parochial Council (where he’s caught between the power struggle of Mrs Chapman – formerly Maguire – and village busybody Mrs Bennett), and the rare moments of excitement when he can lend a hand to his crime fighting partner, DI Geordie Keating.

In fact, Geordie’s noticed that Sidney’s daredevil attitude is bordering on the self-destructive… Sidney needs a little danger in his life, which is exactly what he gets when American civil rights activist Violet Todd arrives in the city and fires up his need for social justice. But with a cause this dangerous, Sidney might not be around forever…

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Episode 6, Series 1

Monday March 1 at 3:00am


Episode 6 | Series 1

With Amanda and Guy's wedding fast approaching, Sidney is thrown into crisis - is he truly cut out for life as the vicar of Grantchester?

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