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It’s 1956 and change truly is in the Grantchester air!

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The post-war rulebook is being torn up – it’s the birth of the teenager, the era of Elvis. Teddy Boys are on the streets of Cambridge. Even science fiction’s becoming reality with a new ‘computer’ up and running at the university. There’s change at the vicarage too. Reverend Sidney Chambers is feeling adrift, a man without a cause ever since his sweetheart Amanda left over a year ago. Now his life revolves around church services, interminable meetings of the Parochial Council (where he’s caught between the power struggle of Mrs Chapman – formerly Maguire – and village busybody Mrs Bennett), and the rare moments of excitement when he can lend a hand to his crime fighting partner, DI Geordie Keating.

In fact, Geordie’s noticed that Sidney’s daredevil attitude is bordering on the self-destructive… Sidney needs a little danger in his life, which is exactly what he gets when American civil rights activist Violet Todd arrives in the city and fires up his need for social justice. But with a cause this dangerous, Sidney might not be around forever…

Next On

Episode 1, Series 1

Tuesday January 25 at 10:10am


Episode 1 | Series 1

In the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester, the funeral of a parishioner leads to local vicar Sidney Chambers becoming embroiled in a murder investigation.

Episode 2, Series 1

Wednesday January 26 at 10:10am


Episode 2 | Series 1

When Amanda's engagement ring is stolen on the same night a murder is committed, Sidney & Geordie investigate whether there might be a connection between the two crimes.

Episode 3, Series 1

Thursday January 27 at 10:10am


Episode 3 | Series 1

After the death of two elderly sisters, Sidney and Geordie try to track down a man on the run. Will they be able to catch the killer before he strikes again?

Episode 4, Series 1

Friday January 28 at 10:10am


Episode 4 | Series 1

When a personal tragedy threatens to overwhelm Geordie, his relationship with Sidney is pushed to the limit - will they be able to put their differences aside to help catch a killer…

Episode 5, Series 1

Monday January 31 at 10:10am


Episode 5 | Series 1

Sidney and Geordie travel to London for a night at Johnny Johnson's jazz club, but they soon discover that policemen and clergymen can never truly be off duty.

Episode 6, Series 1

Tuesday February 1 at 10:10am


Episode 6 | Series 1

With Amanda and Guy's wedding fast approaching, Sidney is thrown into crisis - is he truly cut out for life as the vicar of Grantchester?

Episode 1, Series 2

Wednesday February 2 at 10:20am


Episode 1 | Series 2

Sydney is arrested and released accused of sexual assault by the father of 15 year old schoolgirl Abigail Redmond citing the evidence of her unseen diary.

Episode 2, Series 2

Thursday February 3 at 10:20am


Episode 2 | Series 2

Sidney and Geordie investigate a Cambridge lecturer's fatal fall from the college spires.

Episode 3, Series 2

Friday February 4 at 10:20am


Episode 3 | Series 2

A young man confesses to Sidney he has killed his landlord, but both Geordie and Sidney get a shock when they visit the victim's house.

Episode 4, Series 2

Monday February 7 at 10:30am


Episode 4 | Series 2

As the trial of a local teen approaches, Sidney and Geordie find themselves at loggerheads regarding his guilt.

Episode 5, Series 2

Tuesday February 8 at 10:40am


Episode 5 | Series 2

Sidney is the only friend Gary Bell has left as he waits for news about whether he will be offered a reprieve.

Episode 6, Series 2

Wednesday February 9 at 10:30am


Episode 6 | Series 2

Sidney has entirely stopped caring about his responsibilities as a clergyman following the difficult events of the past few weeks.


Thursday February 10 at 10:20am


As Sidney considers swapping his life as the vicar of Grantchester for a future with Amanda in London, a child is abducted and the village community need…

Episode 1, Series 3

Friday February 11 at 10:30am


Episode 1 | Series 3

When Grantchester vicar Sidney Chambers begins receiving sinister anonymous phone calls, he soon realises he is connected to a series of murders targeting respected figures in the…

Episode 2, Series 3

Monday February 14 at 10:35am


Episode 2 | Series 3

After a mass poisoning at a local cricket match leaves a young batsman dead, Sidney and Geordie must navigate racial tensions and village power plays to get to the truth.

Episode 3, Series 3

Tuesday February 15 at 10:45am


Episode 3 | Series 3

Sidney and Geordie investigate a series of post office robberies that appear to be the work of Cambridgeshire's very own Bonnie and Clyde.

Episode 4, Series 3

Wednesday February 16 at 10:35am


Episode 4 | Series 3

Sidney and Geordie look into the killing of a young factory worker, despite secret forces attempting to bury their investigation.

Episode 5, Series 3

Thursday February 17 at 10:30am


Episode 5 | Series 3

Escaping his troubles in Grantchester, Sidney finds his way to a Romany travellers' camp that is now home to Ronnie Maguire. Initially intoxicated by the free-spirited atmosphere.

Episode 6, Series 3

Friday February 18 at 10:30am


Episode 6 | Series 3

As Sidney considers swapping his life as the vicar of Grantchester for a future with Amanda in London, a child is abducted and the village community need him more than ever.

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