Inspector George Gently

Series 7Tuesdays at 9.30pm from September 15


The perfect police partnership

It’s 1969 and Gently (Martin Shaw) and Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) are both suffering from their own physical and mental scars several months after the horrific shootings that nearly claimed their lives in Durham Cathedral.

As the series opens, Gently has been pushing himself to full fitness and is back at work, whilst Bacchus is still recuperating from his serious injuries in a police convalescent home...

Inspector George Gently has become an audience winner and while lovingly recreates the Sixties in perfect, nostalgic detail – and Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby make the perfect police partnership, full of warmth, humour and attack. In this new series they discover they have different approaches to a world that is changing very fast.

Next on...

Episode 4, Series 7

Sunday June 23 at 2:00am

Son Of A Gun

Gently's latest investigation takes him into the world of skinheads.

Episode 1, Series 8

Monday June 24 at 7:20pm

Gently Liberated

Newcastle 1970. DCI Gently re-opens Bacchus old case of a woman convicted of her husband''s murder. Will he expose a miscarriage of justice or jeopardise his reputation?

Episode 2, Series 8

Monday July 1 at 7:20pm

Gently And The New Age

DCI Gently's last case leads to political intrigue, corruption and tests him to his core. When the team faces mortal danger, how will they survive?


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