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Welcome back to the world of Father Brown. This is England in the 1950s – a countryside dotted with small villages, rural parish churches and large country houses.

Each episode sees Father Brown investigate a crime in his own particular way, using intuition and psychology.

The charming Father Brown returns to solve more mysteries in the sleepy Cotswold village of Kembleford.

The charming Father Brown returns to solve more mysteries in the sleepy Cotswold village of Kembleford.

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In this series Father Brown finds himself trapped with a murderer during a dark, stormy night. A civilised fundraiser at a finishing school puts Mrs McCarthy in the path of a rogue bullet. Inspector Mallory begrudgingly accepts a partnership with Father Brown when they are summoned to the site of a past murder.

And a daring train robbery sees Lady Felicia and Mrs McCarthy carried off in the dead of night. Can Father Brown find them before it’s too late?

Next On

Episode 6, Series 5

Tuesday November 30 at 10:25am

The Eagle And The Daw

Episode 6 | Series 5

When an old foe tells him that she has arranged the death of her former lover, Father Brown soon finds himself blamed for the murder.

Episode 7, Series 5

Wednesday December 1 at 10:25am

The Smallest Of Things

Episode 7 | Series 5

Past and present collide when Father Brown investigates the macabre world of dollhouse crime scenes.

Episode 8, Series 5

Thursday December 2 at 10:40am

The Crimson Feather

Episode 8 | Series 5

When Mrs McCarthy's goddaughter goes missing, Father Brown follows her trail to a risque gentlemen's club.

Episode 9, Series 5

Friday December 3 at 10:20am

The Lepidopterist's Companion

Episode 9 | Series 5

When Mrs McCarthy takes over the running of the mobile library, Father Brown discovers a shocking secret lurking among the bookshelves.

Episode 2, Series 6

Sunday December 5 at 7:20am

The Jackdaw's Revenge

Episode 2 | Series 6

Father Brown struggles to protect those closest to him when an old foe is unexpectedly released from prison.

Episode 10, Series 5

Monday December 6 at 10:25am

The Alchemist's Secret

Episode 10 | Series 5

Father Brown must investigate a 300-year-old secret hidden in a university in order to save an old friend.

Episode 11, Series 5

Tuesday December 7 at 10:20am

The Sins Of Others

Episode 11 | Series 5

Father Brown struggles to save Sid from himself when he vows vengeance on his former defence barrister.

Episode 12, Series 5

Wednesday December 8 at 10:20am

The Theatre Of The Invisible

Episode 12 | Series 5

When radio quiz Up to You comes to Kembleford, Father Brown suspects that one of the cast is responsible for their landlady's murder.

Episode 13, Series 5

Thursday December 9 at 10:25am

The Tanganyika Green

Episode 13 | Series 5

Father Brown investigates the murder of a Colonial Postal Service officer when the fair comes to Kembleford.

Episode 14, Series 5

Friday December 10 at 10:05am

The Fire In The Sky

Episode 14 | Series 5

Father Brown's divine inspiration is called upon when Kembleford comes under threat of an alien invasion.

Episode 15, Series 5

Monday December 13 at 10:15am

The Penitent Man

Episode 15 | Series 5

Father Brown suspects an ulterior motive when his old adversary Flambeau is incarcerated for murder.

Episode 1, Series 6

Tuesday December 14 at 10:20am

The Tree Of Truth

Episode 1 | Series 6

Father Brown attempts to overturn a miscarriage of justice while rehearsing for the Kembleford Christmas pantomime.

Episode 2, Series 6

Wednesday December 15 at 10:20am

The Jackdaw's Revenge

Episode 2 | Series 6

Father Brown struggles to protect those closest to him when an old foe is unexpectedly released from prison.

Episode 3, Series 6

Thursday December 16 at 10:25am

The Kembleford Dragon

Episode 3 | Series 6

Father Brown must stop a much-loved institution from going off the rails when the local stationmaster is murdered.

Episode 4, Series 6

Friday December 17 at 10:15am

The Angel Of Mercy

Episode 4 | Series 6

Father Brown senses something sinister afoot when Mrs McCarthy's friend is the latest villager to die in her sleep.

Episode 1, Series 8

Monday December 20 at 4:10am

The Celestial Choir

Episode 1 | Series 8

A mysterious saboteur tries to stop Kembleford winning the Three Counties choir competition.

Episode 2, Series 8

Monday December 20 at 4:55am

The Queen Bee

Episode 2 | Series 8

Father Brown investigates the mysterious death of a beekeeper.

Episode 3, Series 8

Monday December 20 at 5:45am

The Scales Of Justice

Episode 3 | Series 8

Father Brown races to save Bunty from the hangman's noose when she is tried for murder.

Episode 5, Series 6

Monday December 20 at 10:25am

The Face Of The Enemy

Episode 5 | Series 6

Father Brown spies trouble when Lady Felicia returns to Kembleford.

Episode 6, Series 6

Tuesday December 21 at 10:20am

The Devil You Know

Episode 6 | Series 6

Mallory is forced to turn to Father Brown for help when a VIP policeman is murdered at a bowls match.

Episode 7, Series 6

Wednesday December 22 at 10:15am

The Dance Of Death

Episode 7 | Series 6

Father Brown uncovers a dark secret when a contestant is murdered at a ballroom dancing competition.

Episode 8, Series 6

Thursday December 23 at 10:30am

The Cat Of Mastigatus

Episode 8 | Series 6

Father Brown investigates when a girl is found left for dead at a boys' school fete.

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