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Earth is full of beautiful sights and each continent has its own impressive locations. Yet across the world, a handful of places are in a completely different league. Some are famous, some are not; many are remote. We call them Natural Wonders and they are the greatest landscapes on our planet. Everest, the Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, they seem to have little in common other than – literally – taking your breath away. But they share one other thing – these remarkable wonders were sculpted, etched or moulded by unimaginably powerful energies, unleashed by the Earth.

This landmark series allows viewers to experience these landscapes and get caught up in the incredible stories of inhabitants who have adapted to – and evolved alongside – these mind-blowing environments. These include Sherpa’s risking their lives to craft a route through hazardous icefall on Everest, Indonesian fisherman working with whale sharks to net their catch in the Pacific’s Ring of Fire and families in Borneo who climb 90 metres or more with no safety nets to reach the ‘treasure’ of the world’s biggest cave.

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Earth's Natural Wonders

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An exploration of life in and on awesome mountains, deep rifts, isolated seas and raging volcanoes, filmed in Nepal, the USA, Indonesia and Tanzania. These are the result of the constant movement of Earth’s surface, a movement powered by heat from the planet’s fiery heart.


In its different moods and forms – including ice formation, erosion and evaporation – water has the strength to both mold wondrous landscapes and define the life that inhabits them.

This episode was filmed in Morocco, Brazil, France and Zambia.


Featuring astonishing landscapes created by life itself, whether living coral or ancient limestone, vast submerged forests or dense tropical jungles. Filmed in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Indonesia and the USA, the episode also reveals how these places have shaped the lives that inhabit them.

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