Earth's Natural Wonders Series 2

Starts Saturday January 5

Show Synopsis

This awe-inspiring series brings more extreme examples of how people survive –and even triumph – in some of the harshest conditions on Earth.

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Earth's Natural Wonders Series 2

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Vast mountain ranges, impenetrable rainforests, and vast ice-worlds. Places where nature is on display at its most powerful, most beautiful and, sometimes, most brutal.

Combining the very best science and natural history filmmaking, its stunning photography gives viewers the chance to experience these mind-blowing landscapes and get caught up in the incredible stories of their inhabitants.

The series reveals how the humans who have adapted to – and evolved alongside – these places use astonishing skills, ingenuity and bravery in the fight for survival.

Stories include the cowboys who swap horses for helicopters, flying dangerously low to herd cattle in the vast hostile territory of the Australian outback. And the Inuit women in Arctic Canada who risk their lives gathering mussels under moving sea-ice to supplement

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