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When our health falters the impact can be dramatic, but often our loved ones suffer just as much.

In this brand new ten-part series Dr Christian will treat patients with a wide range of conditions, while exploring the sometimes devastating effect it’s having on their relationships.

Dr Christian will see you now

Dr Christian Will See You Now

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About the Show

Playing the role of doctor and counsellor, and supported by a top team of in-house specialists, Dr Christian will give people from across Britain the kind of care that sometimes fails to reach them.

Every step of their journey will be captured as they share their most vulnerable moments and intimate problems, in the hope of solving issues at the very heart of their lives.

Every smile, every tear and every jaw-dropping medical revelation will be caught on camera as Dr Christian digs deeper than ever to help change his patients’ lives for the better.

From the initial check-up to the specialist consultation, tests and treatment, we’re with our characters from start to finish.

This is a clinic like no other; a one-stop shop where patients come to get their health and relationships back on track.

From body image issues to fertility complications, weight problems to more complex psychological concerns, nothing is off limits.

Bold, emotional and unflinching this is Dr Christian as you’ve never seen him before.

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