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Our planet is populated with amazing animals that have extraordinary life histories. Some have been surrounded by myth and misunderstanding, and some have only recently revealed their secrets.

Using the latest findings from cutting-edge science, this fascinating series reveals the remarkable evolutionary traits behind these wonders of the natural world.

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David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities S4

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David looks at two species with very different approaches to motherhood – the giant panda and the kiwi. While the panda protects its baby for months after birth, the kiwi produces one single egg that is a fifth of its body mass.

He finds out about two hybrid animals that owe their existence to human interference. The ‘pizzly’ bear is a cross between the polar bear and the grizzly, which has come into being because of global warming, while the killer bee has been brought into existence because of the transfer of African bees to South America.

And David also investigates two very different shells that have proved to be winners in evolution. The ostrich shell is so strong it’s possible for a person to stand on it without it breaking, while tortoise shell, made largely of bone, enables this slowliving creature to survive for hundreds of years.

Combining nature, scientific discovery and history together with stunning footage of animal behaviour, this series reveals yet another collection of fascinating natural curiosities.

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