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Being Human Season explores what it means to be human, how we might improve the way we live, and what the future could hold for civilisation, in a series of eye-opening programmes.

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Meet Sophia, the most advanced robot in the world

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Meet the Humans 7.35pm Hosted by Dr Michael Mosley, this bold series puts human behaviour under the microscope. A country home is rigged with surveillance cameras and follows a group of unwitting test subjects. From a secret surveillance room, expert analysts providing understanding to human decisions.

World's Most Extraordinary People 8.30pm How might rare medical conditions be a force for good? The series reveals the extraordinary people who are helping scientists make medical breakthroughs.

Future Human: AI 9.35pm What do developments in AI hold for mankind’s future? Humanity is on the brink of a technological revolution which have never been seen before. AI has the potential to change our lives in unimaginable ways. From self-driving cars to robot doctors this series uncovers what the future looks like for humans.

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