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Presented by Kate Humble, the series will take viewers on a journey across the country to meet passionate people who are pioneering a rural revolution; turning the traditional view of what it takes to make a living in the sticks right on its head as they strive to make their business a success.

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Back to the Land with Kate Humble

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About the show

Kate will meet the aspirational people behind the businesses and spend time with them at a crucial point of expansion and upheaval. She will follow them as they embark on new and exciting journeys to innovate their businesses and face some of their biggest challenges to date. Kate, who started her own business in the countryside a few years ago, will bring her insight, passion and knowledge of rural life to unpack the unique tales and celebrate some of their most joyous and successful moments.

Along the way, the series will unveil some of Britain’s hidden gems synonymous with heritage and beauty. From the South West coast of Cornwall, to the New Forest of Hampshire and the rolling Yorkshire Dales; each episode will shine a light on reinventing traditions, creating new industries with provenance and reviving the rural economy.

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