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Back To The Land celebrates British rural areas through the dedicated people who work there. With traditional farming in crisis, Kate Humble and Geetie Singh-Watson discover how innovative rural businesses are reviving our countryside.

Kate and Geetie take viewers across the country to meet passionate people who are pioneering a rural revolution; follow the grit and determination to make it through the business year.

Back to the Land with Kate Humble

Back to the Land with Kate Humble

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Along the way, the series will unveil some of Britain’s hidden gems synonymous with heritage and beauty. From the stunning coastline of Pembrokeshire to the rolling hills of South Devon and the infamous Lake District.

Each episode showcases 6 characterful entrepreneurs whose graft, love, tenacity and skill lies behind every product they make. We follow them through their seasonal business year to understand how they turn the traditional view of what it takes to make a living in the sticks right on its head and strive to make their business a success.

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