Embarrassing Bodies

Embarrassing Bodies Series 4

Dr Christian, Dr Pixie and Dr Dawn have changed the lives of hundred of patients. They’ve encouraged the nation to come forward and bare all, and have sorted out all sorts of cringe-inducing conditions from shocking skin problems to the most eye-watering ailments. The patients managed to overcome their embarrassment to seek out help the first time around, and the doctors are inviting them back again for a final check up to see if their embarrassing conditions have been banished for good and their lives changed for the better.

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Series 4, Episode 17

BBC Knowledge

In tonight's show we revisit Josh who came to the clinic after suffering from night terrors which were making him talk and shout obscenities in his sleep causing severe sleep deprivation

Series 4, Episode 18

BBC Knowledge

In tonight's show we revisit Keith who first came to the clinic with a bent penis, Emily who was suffering for years with a bowel problem and Caroline who came to the clinic with…

Series 4, Episode 19

BBC Knowledge

The doctors revisit Maria, a young woman with a hairy face and body, and Ed, who needed help to uncover his buried penis. And Dr Dawn reminds viewers of the importance of checking…

Series 4, Episode 20

BBC Knowledge

The doctors catch up with a woman who had excessive facial hair, and another with an inverted nipple. And Dr Christian gives an update on how young men should check for testicular cancer…

Series 5, Episode 1

BBC Knowledge

Dr Dawn and Dr James Logan head for Thailand to beach-comb for holidaying Brits, offering on-the-spot medical advice to those with tropical troubles.

Series 5, Episode 2

BBC Knowledge

Dr Dawn shows Brits the importance of knowing how food is prepared on holiday. Also, a woman's 36JJ breasts are causing back ache; will a reduction help?

Series 5, Episode 3

BBC Knowledge

The Embarrassing Bodies 'summer of love' tour visits the party island of Ibiza in their search for cringe-worthy conditions in need of a fix.